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How To Eat Healthier?

See How Uba Helps You Eat Healthy

Ensure balanced nutrition in every meal

using Uba portion control plate with sections for veggies, grains & proteins.


Control portion sizes and measure what you eat

using Uba portion control bowl with built-in measurement indicators.


Take smaller, slower and mindful bites

using Uba portion control flatware that has mini head sizes and adult handles.



Plan ahead and meal prep for nutritious meals

using Uba portion control containers with color coding and measurement indicators.

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What Customers Love About Uba Tools?

  • Great tool for controlling portion size. Love these plates. They really help control portion size, makes you think about how to compose a healthy 3 part meal and they are beautiful which seems like a bit of a bonus. Highly recommend.

  • These are nicely made, can be put in the dishwasher, and make measuring portions very easy! My son and I joined Noom a few weeks ago and these have made measuring portions much easier.

    Jessica Mustard
  • Exactly what I was looking for. The plate is divided into healthy portion sizes and very durable.

  • It’s been helpful to use the silverware at work. I’m more mindful of how quickly I’m eating and take more time so I know when I am full easier.

    Going North
  • This bowl is Awesome! I’m on WW and this bowl is perfect for measuring serving size which is key to keeping me on track to living a physically healthy lifestyle.

    Forrest Payne
  • These are perfect if you’ve had WLS! They force you to take smaller bites without the embarrassment of eating with a child’s utensil. I have a set for home and a set in the handy carrying case in my purse.

    Kristin Long
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What Experts Say?

  • Alexandria Zozos

    Alexandria Zozos

    Registered Dietitian

    "Whether you have health goals in mind or want to create more balance in your meals, you can create well-rounded dishes with Uba's beautifully crafted portion tools"

  • Julie Cunningham

    Julie Cunningham

    RDN & Diabetes Specialist

    "The Uba portion plate is clean and classic, so you can serve yourself the right amount of food without drawing attention to the fact that you’re doing just that."

  • Johane Filemon

    Johane Filemon

    Registered Dietitian

    "The Uba plate is a great way to get your healthy lifestyle journey started! For those who have a hard time with portions, these plates are a perfect way to help you get it right."

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