Our Guiding Principles

  • 1. Build things we are proud of

    For everything that we create, we ask ourselves - Is something that we would love to use ourselves? Would we share this with our friends and family? Are we proud of what we have put out in this world? If not, we would rather not build it, even if it can make us a lot of money. That simply won’t give us joy.

  • 2. Apply our personal values

    Ensure that we stick with our personal values through thick and thin of the business. To always evaluate, if we feel that we have done right by our team members, partners and customers? It provides us a moral compass when we need to make tough business decisions.

  • 3. Stay conscious of our footprint

    We realize that every product manufactured and shipped has an impact on our planet. We think twice before we make something new and we constantly check - Can we make it in a way that has minimum impact on the environment? Can we use natural materials where possible? Can we replenish what we are depleting? This helps us stay mindful of our footprint and own our responsibility.


  • Prakash Somasundaram, Founder, Uba

    Prakash Somasundaram, Founder, Uba

    Prakash has over 15 years of experience designing new products across multiple industries including healthcare, supply chain and retail. His enthusiasm for promoting better nutrition and passion for building simple tools led him to start Uba. He enjoys playing volleyball and exploring new coffee shops.

  • Nicholas Corliss, Head of Marketing

    Nicholas Corliss, Head of Marketing

    Nicholas has been in the health industry for over 8 years and co-owned a popular wellness brand in New Zealand called Organic Mechanic. He is passionate about health and wellness, enjoys adventuring, ice baths and spending time in nature. He is also a certified Wim Hof breathing technique instructor and conducts frequent workshops.

  • Jonathan Weiner, Partner, Supply Chain

    Jonathan Weiner, Partner, Supply Chain

    Jonathan has been in the ceramics manufacturing and logicstics business at Maryland China for over 15 years. He leads the order management, inventory management and customer shipping for Uba.

Our Design Philosophy

Every product from Uba is made with the finest materials including highest quality white porcelain, food safe silicone, high grade stainless steel, etc. It is tested to withstand the usage conditions and packaged with utmost care to delight every customer.